PM Weimaraners
            of Montana
             Our Retired Weims

Click here to see Montana Moondust Olive and her puppies all grown up. Olive is retired as of 2007
Click here to Miller's Magic Moonlight. She and her Mother, Sadi, are the foundation of PM Weimaraners. She has produced some awesome pups for us and her legacy lives on with her son PM's Rocket On The Rise and Grand-daughter PM's Sandpiper Joy
Click here to see Greta Von Trap. She is officially retired and so is her beautiful daughter Nitro Niki. (see below)
Click here to see our beautiful Desi. She has oficially retired. Desi lives in Helena, MT with her family and goes for long hikes in the Mountains and runs on the mountain paths. 
Click here to see Mike' (Meek-ah). She is not retired but now lives with Dallas and Mindy at Big Water Kennels in Lehi, Utah. They wanted an adult LH Weimaraner and fell in love with Mike' and her wonderful loving personality. 
Our beautiful Niki IS retired. Click Here to see Niki's page with all her info.  
* Update* Niki will be going to live with her son Ruger and the Nielsen family in Bloomer, WI....What a wonderful opportunity for Niki and their family as well. 
Click here to see Gabriella's pictures and information. She is now retired but you can see pictures of her past longhair litter(s) and watch as they grew. Gabby and Ozzy have a daughter (Stella in Ontario that will be hitting the show ring in 2012. She has done a few puppy matches and taken a group 1 and group 4 (winter 2011)
Click here to see Piper's information and pictures. She is now retired and lives in Billings, MT with her sister Luna and Human Dad Paul. They lounge all day and chase balls and in the evenings they go for long walks. The weekends are spent at the race track where they soak in tons of attention. Piper's Mother is a daughter of our Magic (see above) and a grand-daughter to my foundation dog Sadi. Also, Gunner is Pipers Grandfather! 
Click here to see Ava . Ava is a wonderful girl and so sweet and gentle. She is littermate sister to our beautiful Indigo. She now lives with Christy, Eric and her puppy brother Gus and happy, happy, happy to snuggle and lay on the couch.
*GUNNER *  7/17/2002 - 10/6/2014
Click here   To read more about Gunner, see more pictures of him and view his health certifications like PennHip, OFA, CERF (Canine Eye Registry for Ocular Diseases) and Total Wellness Exam. Gunner is a close working dog with tons of stamina. He is very gentle and large boned build (Old German Style Dog) with a large square head. He ranges from 85-88 lbs depending on time of the year. Of course during hunting season he slims down a bit. He produces pups with VERY calm temperaments but awesome drive in the field. His pups have his thick chest and strong build. Everyone that comes to PM Weims falls in love with him. They say, "I want a dog just like him!" Gunner belongs to my 13 year old son, Jade. Gunner loves Jade and cannot wait for him to get out of school to do their tricks and dog house agility. The highlight of his day is to see Jade get off the bus and vise versa with Jade!
Click here to read more about Oakley. She is now retired and lives in Anaconda, Montana with Jen and her family. She gets to go running and hopefully go with her new Mama Jen while she shoots Black Powder Rifle in Competition! Wow, what a great life! 
Click here to read more about Durango, see more pictures of him and view his health certifications like PennHip, OFA, CERF (Canine Eye Registry) and total Wellness exam. 
Durango produces some intense hunting pups. Their drive and willingness to work is spectacular. His pups water retrieve, hunt upland game and hold intense points. He is a medium range working dog with a good work ethic. He is from old hunt lines that were bred for hard work and wonderful family companions. Durango's pups hold true to that description.
Durango is the sire to Colt and Indigo and Gus's Great Grandfather.
Click Here to read more about Beth, see her pictures and view her Health Certifications PennHip/CERF/Wellness etc. Beth is Oakley and Gunners Mother. Gunner has just been mated to Jetta.
Click here to see PM's Crimson and Clover JH, NAVHAD NA III. She is the Dam to our PM's Field of Clover aka Fasan. Cover is an amazing girl and won the WCA Mid America Classic Derby for us. Her kids are out winning and placing in field trials, hunt testing and on the WCA top 10 Derby list! Clover is now retired to a great hunting home and snuggling on the couch in her off time. 
Click Here to see PM's Sweet Shot Lilly JH, NAVHDA NA P I. She is our beautiful girl we kept from our litter with Birdie and Dago. She is now retired but we have her daughter Tori that will continue her legacy for us. Keep an eye on the Next Generation for Tori to hit show and field!
Click here to see the sweet Ziggy. Ziggy is retired but one of our favorite "go to" dogs for hunting. She will stay with us here and guide and hunt for us during hunting season ad Jr Opener every year. 
Click Here to see our beautiful Boogie. We kept Sisters River & Daisy from our lovely Boogie and her son Sal whom is out on the East Coast. Boogie lives with a great family in Montana and has a lil boy she loves and watches over. Her Daddy Tyler takes her hunting every chance they get!