Pictured Above:  Dawna's "Montana Angel"  at her 1st cowboy shoot decked out in her new store bought duds. 
I have two children Paige (21) whom enjoys cowboy shooting (Pictured left), 
and Jade (17-Pictured to the right) who hopes to become a dog trainer when he is older.  They are the love of my life.  Jade has started to SASS shoot too and is as awesome as his sister at it!
I have always loved dogs and hunting, and have owned Weimaraners for many years--raising them for the last 20 plus years.  Training and raising Weims is one of the greatest joys  in my life.
We recently moved to Carter, MT. A small farming community of approx. 50 people. We have chosen to put our heart and soul into the training and raising of our wonderful Weims. We will be doing more field testing and raising our own birds for the dogs to train with. We are so excited about this new chapter in our lives.

Being a life-long Montana resident has shaped me in many ways.  I have grown up close to the land, my animals, and the diverse people of Montana.  I was born in Glasgow, Montana and graduated from high school in 1985.  I went on to attend Montana State University where in 1989 I received my BS in Elementary Education.    

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This is a family affair. Jade and I love to hunt and he has recently started training his own dogs.  He is an AKC Junior Handler and also runs dogs in NAVHDA & VHDF Events. He ran his Vizsla, Hottie, in Natural Ability and received a Prize I (108 pts) with her! He also ran Pippa our Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer in Aug of 2013 earning a perfect score 112 with her in Natural Ability! She is at this time the highest prized/pointed SRHP in the NAVHDA System and USA! He ran Sideswipe, a friends Griffon, in Utility. They did not prize but had a very good scores (4's in everything but the steadiness) so next year we hope for a Prize I and an invite to the Invitational with Miss Sideswipe and Jade. Meanwhile Jade and Hottie trained toward Utility with her breeders Tate and Jenny Martinsen and ran her in Utility in late summer 2014 in South Dakota at the Tri State NAVHDA Club, she earned a Prize III UT Score!
We enjoy spending time together in the field and training as well.
Paige has recently graduated and is our #1 Kennel Hand and puppy whelper/caregiver.  She is doing a spectacular job and learning the ropes....She also does some puppy training by request so if you want or need your puppy potty trained with obedience, crate training and leash work please send a special request for this to us.
I am thankful for the opportunity to raise these wonderful animals.  In my years of owning and raising dogs I have had many opportunities to meet people who share a common interest in Weims. I look forward to many years with my children and our wonderful Weimaraners. Dawna......
I will miss my teaching days in Busby and especially my coaching days.  I had been the JV coach of the Girls Volleyball Team, a member of the School Improvement Team, Headed a team of teachers to NASA in California for rural communities and I was a Girl Scout/4-H leader for some of the children of Big Horn County. 
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Uncle Bill and Jade at his 13th Birthday Party!
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