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 Standing at stud to health tested approved bitches
Click here To read more about Indigo, see more pictures of him and view his health certifications like PennHip, OFA, Cardiac, CERF (Canine Eye Registry for Occular Diseases) and Total Wellness Exam. Indigo is Durango's son. His mother is a Long Hair 100% German dog. This means Indy carries the Longhair gene for health benefits. He has a smooth/short coat but it is a bit more dense all around. This is a huge benefit in the field as he does not get beat up by the underbrush like most of our thinner coated Weimy's. I feel his German heritage gives him intense drive. He is a hard working boy that was bred to hunt. He is very gentle with everyone and loves to play with the litte pups. Indy has a happy-go-lucky personality but when the hunt equipment comes out he's first to the truck!  UPDATE: Indigo is now retired . We do have ONE breeding with frozen semen on him 
As you can see we have more than just one stud dog. We do not breed all our females to just one dog because he is there. Different blood lines compliment and take away from each other. We at PM Weims are deep into pedigree research and each dogs capabilities, finding the best match up for our breeding pairs derived from their field work, Conformation and personalities at home. As you can see above our studs have different attributes and range. We try to pair each mating up for all the right reasons. We assess the females and their capabilities, hunt drive, temperament and trainability. We then take a serious look at what we hope to get out of a mating. Most people like a close working, medium range hunter with stamina in the field, but they also want a dog that will come home and play fetch with the family. Others want drive galore and a dog that can spend all day out in the field every weekend and several days per week. We feel that each and every one of our boys contribute special qualities to their offspring. Usually we start a list and visit with our prospective puppy homes to see what they are looking for in a pup. We discuss their options for males and females. If we get a good list started for certain values we do a specific breeding. Most of the time it is because we are hoping to keep a pup out of that breeding also. Not always, but most of the time. If you have any questions about our wonderful boys please feel free to contact me and we can visit about what we are planning for mating's or have mated and for what reasons. I welcome your comments and input. I love to talk about my dogs for sure!! 
I might add one thing. To us color does not matter. They could be pink with purple polka-dots.  As long as their nose is to the wind and their heart is full of desire and love, that is all that matters. Blue, gray, silver gray long hair.....what is on the outside does not matter. Personality and what is within is what does.     Dawna
       BREEDING FOR BETTER DOGS.....Read on....
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 go into choosing the correct stud dog for a female.
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Click Here to read more about Dago vom Heldenhain JH,VHDF AHAE . Dago is directly imported from Germany and comes from phenominal hunting lines. His hips are OFA Excellent and he is approx 78-80 lbs and 27" tall. He is currently working toward his VHDF/Performance and AKC Senior Hunter title.  *UPDATE* Dago has 1 pass of his SH title
Dago is co-owned with Steve and Rod Zobel of Kick Em Up Gun Dogs. 
He is a very easy going boy that learns quickly. He LOVES birds and is absolutely "Bird Crazy"  Keep an eye on Dago's page for AKC hunt tests and VHDF Accomplishments* 
 * Retired * Frozen Semen Available Only ~ 
 Click Here to see more pictures of Colt on point and looking fine!
Colt is the First Weimaraner to place in a NorthWest NSTRA Trial     since 1985.  He did it with a 1st place on Feb 28th and a 3rd place on  March 1st 2009. Which qualified him for regionals in just one trial! Colt is a home a bred boy out of KD and Durango and we are quite proud of him. He earned a Prize II  NAVHDA Utility score and VHDF AHAE Score of 148
Colt is Retired. LIMITED Frozen Semen is Availale

*Colt is an Approved Stud dog for the Alliance for Hunting Weimaraners*
Click Here to read more about Cuddel vom Oberdeich JH, NAVHDA Utility Prize II, VHDF AHAE 156 Crockett is a Long Hair Weimaraner directly imported from Germany. He has OFA score of Good/Elbows Normal and CERF Clear Eyes. * Update* Crockett has earned a Prize II NAVHDA Utility score! He also has his AKC JH and his water test for AKC. He scored a 156 AHAE with the VHDF!!!  WOW Go Crockett!!!
Crockett has a wonderful temperament and beautiful conformation/movement. 
This boy hunts, water retrieves and can do it all VERSATILITY at it's best.
Crockett was trained at Autumn Breeze Kennel. Ed Erickson (click on name to see)
 * Retired * Frozen Semen Available Only ~ 
Crockett is a approved stud dog for the Alliance of Hunting Weimaraners *
Click Here to read more about our Canadian Champion Ozzy and see pictures of him and his parents. Ozzy's father is an Australian CH Import to Canada (Nimiq Weims) and his mother is a Canadian CH (Stealyka Weims). Ozzy has finished his Canadian CH at just 12 months old (Exclusively shown by Breezy and Ward) 
UPDATE* Ozz has run his VHDF HAE and did a stellar job! 9/26/2010.  CAN CH Stealyka N PM's Blizzard of OZZ JH,VHDF HAE A HUGE thank you to Breezy/Ward and Stephane for Ozzy.
Thanks Ward & Breezy for handling Ozzy to his his Canadian Conformation Title!!
UPDATE: Ozz has now retired and lives in PA in a great hunting home
Click Here to read more about Boss, see more pictures and view his health certifications. Boss is co-owned with Nancy Lane a very good friend of ours. Boss is an AKC Champion. Boss showed minimally and flew to his AKC CH. He had 3 majors along the way and even went Best of Breed over Specials! He was exclusively shown by his breeder Nancy Lane. He has awesome hunt drive and earned his AKC JH title. He also passed his AKC Water Retrieve Test. Boss's temperament is extremely gentle and loving and his highlight is to go anywhere with ME! 
*Update~ Boss & Nancy have earned an invitation to the AKC/Eukanuba Nationals in Florida in Dec. 2011!!  
* This event is by Invitation ONLY!    
2012* Boss and Nancy have been invited to the AKC/Eukanuba Nationals AGAIN this year as Honorees!    We are so proud!!
* Boss is now retired only limited frozen semen is available
11 Months Old
Boss Best of Breed over specials
Click Here to see more pictures of Guinness... Gus, as we so lovingly call him has already earned his AKC Junior Hunter and NAVHDA Prize 1  Natural Ability and NAVHDA Utility Awards! He is amazing in the field and we have some great hopes to earn his AKC Master Hunter 
Gus is a 4th Generation boy from PM Weims. His Great Grandfather is Durango, Grandfather Indigo and Father is Charley
*Gus is only available to us for breeding we no longer offer him to outside females, We do have frozen semen on him 
Click here to read more about CH GrCH PM's Shoot Em Up Cowboy JH, NAVHDA NA P III. His parents are CH Midwest Dream N PM's Tru-Beauty and USGCH, USCH Monterra's Best Bet MH . Cowboy is a wonderful, gorgeous boy with excellent drive in the field. He earned his GrCH very easily as well as his field titles. He is just 2 years old and still working toward other AKC/WCA titles in the field. He is OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal, CERF cleared and PennHip L .23  R .25 which is 90th percentile for our breed! This means his hips are tighter than 90% of the Weims in the PennHip Database! His excellent health, good looks and field drive are a spectacular addition to our kidos here at PM. Cowboy is standing at stud to approved, health tested females. He is co-owed with Shelly Jernigan and resides in Colorado. 
Frozen Semen and Live Cover Available to approved Girls  *
Click Here to read more about Ferris zum Kestenbusch NAVHDA NA II. He is a German Import to the USA. Ferris is a very loving boy and nice range in the field. Ferris is co-owned with Candi Nelson. 
* Click Here to see his pedigree and health testing results *

PM's High Velocity Otter NAVHDA NA I (Perfect Score 112) VHDF HAE 65/70, NAVHDA UT II  Otter is a home bred boy out of our CH Midwest Dream N PM's Tru-Beauty & Dago von Hendenhain JH, VHDF HAE, our German Import Boy (see his page above.  He is a gorgeous boy with outstanding style and drive. His PennHip Score is 80% tile for our breed L .28 R .31  Click Here to see his pedigree and all health test results. We lost Otter in Aug 2017 to a freak accident and have only one breeding to him frozen. We will be using this on a very special girl in the future hoping to get puppies from the frozen semen. 
~Otter is an Approved Stud Dog for the Alliance of Hunting Weimaraners ~
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Upcoming Stars
Click here to see more of Mando. 
PM's Melodious Mandolin  NAVHDA NA II 
is co-owned with Gary Lowrance. This boy has had amazing confidence and bird sense from a very early age. He was pointing wild Huns at 8 weeks old and impressed everyone at the NAVHDA training at 15 weeks with his search/point skills.  
Click Here to see Mando's Pedigree Etc.
CAN CH/US CH Minalt's PM Lazy Heart Bosch 
"Ammo"  is a wonderful boy. He has great bone and substance weighing in at around 85 lbs. He is the son of our lovely boy Boss and also has Boss's great temperament. Click here to see Ammo's pedigree etc. Click Here to see Pedigree etc
Ammo is standing at stud to approved girls
​  Regen's Covey Rush @ PM  NSD, NAVHDA NAIII (Bench Show Pointed) 
Rush comes to us from Regen Weimaraners , we are very excited to watch this boy grow. His bold attitude and bird drive are outstanding at just 8 weeks old. Click here to see Rush's pedigree etc. UPDATE: Rush earned his first WCA Title at 6 months old and his NAVHDA NA at a year old. He's off showing and has several pts toward his CH
Click Here to see more info on Duke. His parents are Dago vom Heldehain and Kick Em Up Song Song Bahlue both retired from our breeding program. Duke is a clone of his sire Dago but with a bit more depth of chest but same bone and substance. Duke has outstanding water drive and his field abilities are very consistent. He is close to med range. He has a wonderful temperament and loves everybody greeting them with a wiggle and a smile. Duke belongs to our friend Wayne Burton but comes to visit once in a while.